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Group collaboration brings unique challenges to problem resolution

Tracking tasks

How do you know when a task is completed? How do you maintain an audit trail of results?

Decision making

How do you decide on what to do next? How do you record decisions? How do you track answers?


How do you know who to contact? How do you communicate securely?

Documenting progress

How do you pay for services that are shared amongst group members?

Problem Shared gives you the tools you need

Tracking tasks

Schedule reminders, send emails, monitor completion rates, print summaries, add more members

task tracking dashboard

Decision making

Create votes, associate documents, record results and distribute results to group members

example voting modal


Raise awareness across all channels, send direct messages to all group members, print flyers, posters, automatically generate QR codes

group sharing options
personal email reminders

Documenting progress

Create timelines, share documents, map events, create impact statements, fill out legal documentation, record external correspondence

timeline with two evidence items
Witness statement with timeline and map

Create your own group

Create a public group and let anyone join or create a private group and control your member list

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Join an existing group

All our groups are searchable. Join a public group and start contributing or request to join a private group.

What are people saying about us?

Bill Parry-Davies

Lawyer, Dowse & Co

"An invaluable resource for sharing evidence & recruiting members. Easy to upload a timeline of videos & other evidence, plot key features on a local map and share documents like press releases."

Group lawyer

Shiva K-Scott

Group Leader

"I was able to grow my group, collate a joint evidence base, provide news updates and share my updated with the general public to raise the profile of my cause. And thanks to all that... we won our Judicial Review! "

Group leader

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